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What is a block explorer?
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What is a block explorer?

Shawn Butchart

A block explorer is an application or web site that lets users search and navigate the bitcoin blockchain. Because the data contained in the blockchain is decentralized and public, it is possible to extract a lot of historical information.

Typically, bitcoin block explorers will show a list of recent bitcoin blocks, as well as the bitcoin transactions contained in the block. Transaction related inputs and outputs are displayed, and linked in sequence. Block height and transaction hash are usually searchable.

A number of block explorers also let you view by bitcoin address, compiling all transactions, inputs, outputs and their histories of a given bitcoin wallet address.

Some block explorers offer a way to broadcast a signed raw transaction to the bitcoin network for offline transaction signing.


Block explorers are typically used for:

- checking address balances
- tracking coin transfer histories
- watching for transaction acceptance
- monitoring the network hash rate and other statistics


For block exploration and interfacing Cancoin uses Voyager, an open source block explorer developed by Cancoin using libbitcoin server.