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Send bitcoins

Shawn Butchart

Sending bitcoins with your Cancoin wallet can be done easily while maintaining all the securities inherent with multi-signature transactions. To make transaction signing faster, you can always create a local passcode to use in place of your full mnemonic.


To send bitcoins to another bitcoin wallet, use the steps below:

  1. Login to your account and navigate the ‘Your Wallet’ page
  2. Click ‘Send bitcoins’ under your bitcoin wallet balance 
  3. In the dropdown area that appears, enter the receiving wallet address (or saved address label), as well as the amount of bitcoin that you want to send, and click ‘Continue with Transaction’
  4. Review the details of your transaction, then enter your 12-word mnemonic or browser stored passcode and click ‘Sign Transaction’ (You will also have to enter your TFA code if you have it enabled)
  5. Cancoin will then combine your signature and ours into a multi-signature transaction and prepare it for broadcast. Click the green ’Finish transaction and send bitcoins’ to complete signed transaction and send the bitcoins.


Cancoin never charges a fee for sending transactions from your Cancoin wallet. However, to ensure that your transactions propogate properly, a 0.0005 btc miners fee is applied and sent into the Blockchain along with your transaction.