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Shawn Butchart

Cancoin facilitates Peer-to-Peer (P2P) bitcoin exchanges between users in the Cancoin Marketplace. When you buy bitcoins with Cancoin you are buying from another user, with a publicly viewable profile and exchange history. Cancoin never receives any form of fiat payment during exchanges, instead providing a multi-signature bitcoin escrow service, and intuitive, user friendly order process for its users.

Buying bitcoins in the Marketplace is simple. Login or signup and navigate to the Marketplace. Find a listing with a price, payment type and location / currency that you find suitable. Take a look at the seller's profile to see information and reviews about their previous exchanges. Input your desired amount of bitcoin and click 'Create Order'.

Once you have created an order, a unique multi-signature escrow wallet is generated, and the new order will appear in the 'Your Orders' section. 

Follow the steps displayed during the order process to continue and buy bitcoins. Purchased bitcoins will be sent from the escrow wallet to your Cancoin multi-sig wallet at the end of the order.

Alternatively, if you do not find a suitable price or payment type you can create a new Buy Listing to set your own price and payment type, and have other users sell bitcoins to you. 


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