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Your OpenPGP key
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Your OpenPGP key

Shawn Butchart

While buying or selling bitcoins in the Cancoin Marketplace, communication is secured via and OpenPGP encrypted chat area for buyers and sellers to communicate in during orders. 

During account signup, Cancoin also creates unique private and public OpenPGP keys for your account. This private key is then encrypted in browser using your 12-word mnemonic and stored on Cancoin servers. Whenever you view an order, your chat messages will be decrypted using the 12-word mnemonic that only you know. 

If you login to your Cancoin account on a new device or browser, or clear your browser cache before logging in, you will be required to re-enter your 12-word mnemonic to decrypt your order chat and communicate with your buyers / sellers. You can do this after logging in by navigating to Account Settings > Order Chat.

To learn more about OpenPGP click here.