Referrals via custom URL
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Referrals via custom URL

Shawn Butchart

Cancoin referral URLs are an easy way to share any public page via social media and earn bitcoin direct to your wallet through referrals. Simply append your custom referral code to the end of any Cancoin URL and share to social media as a page link. If any view clicks your shared link and signs up for Cancoin, you will be awarded their referral. When a referred User completes an buy or sell order, you will receive 1% of the total amount of bitcoin instantly and directly to your Cancoin wallet.


How to share via social media:

  1. Login or signup and navigate to Account Settings > Referrals
  2. Click the ‘Refer by URL’ tab
  3. Your custom referral code is shown and will look like ‘?refer=YOURREFERRALCODE’ whereby ‘YOURREFERRALCODE’ is replaced by your custom code.
  4. Copy your custom referral code and append it to the end of any link (ie/.
  5. Share the custom link to your social media circles or directly to your friends.

If any of your peers or social circles click on your custom link, then your referral code will be stored in their browser. Even if they leave and return at a later time you will be credited with the referral. Your referrals, referral code and referral earnings are available on your Account Settings > Referrals page. Login or signup to view your code and get started!


(Above) The refer by custom URL tab


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